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Short Stories Published Online

For writers like me, the internet has been a wonderful invention. I have had a lot of writing published on the web.


Here are a selection of my short stories that are up on the web. They are on a verity of different websites and the links below will take to you those websites, and away from this one.


So, click on a link  for some more and different reading.



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Things You See In The Dark

This story charts the narrator’s experience of becoming aware of his sexuality and his developing identity against the backdrop of the films he watched during the 1970s and 1980s (It was published in Chroma Magazine, Britain's leading LGBT literary journal)



An Afternoon in Stirling

Here a man takes his boyfriend home for the first time to meet his parents but not with the results he hoped for (This was one of the first stories of mine to be published)



Saying Goodbye to Mickey

Ouija Boards have a special place in the history of ghost stories. This one sees four gay men gathering to remember a friend, who has died, and one of brings out a Ouija board.



Like Waves On The Shore

In a Scottish cottage, the narrator hides away, after his relationship with a married man, who he meet at his church, was exposed. He just wants to lick his wounds and hide in self-pity, but the outside world soon encroaches upon him.



Waiting for Business

Many writers have written about prostitution, from the gritty and downbeat to pornographic fantasies. Here’s my take on being a Rent Boy, in 1980’s London, and working in a male brothel in Earls Court. There’s sex in this story, but then again is prostitution about sex?



Over in Sixty Seconds or So

Male sexual dysfunction can happen to any man, but what happens when it occur? The man in this story is the unexpected victim of it and how it takes him.



Love & Need

We almost have the stereotype now a “perfect” relationship is one between equals. What if it isn’t, what if one person is far more dominant and needy then the other one? Can that relationship work? John, the central character in this story, is in a relationship with the very needy and demanding Nathan, is it right for him?


In an Unguarded Moment

Declan stopped speaking, the explanation he’d worked out to follow his statement now silenced on his lips.” Sometimes we say too much and go too far. In this story, Declan says too much, but he’s reached a point where he can’t go back, this situation has gone too far. He should never have…



I Can Never Say Sorry

 “I can never say sorry to Jeff.” Breakups can make us all do strange things. The narrator here, as he drowns in hurt and pain, seeks revenge on the boyfriend who dumped him, and for a younger man. But revenge never goes the way we intended, and guilt can be a strange and difficult thing, and an apology may ask more questions than it answers.