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His Story (Part 1)

1. Round One.


I woke up with a start, there was something wrong in my bedroom. It was already light, but it was a Saturday morning in summer so I expected that. I turned my head on the pillow and saw him, saw what was different. I was sharing my bed and that didn’t happen much.


He had dark red hair that spiked every different way. His chin was covered in dark red stubble. Even asleep he was attractive but I couldn’t his name – shit, what was it?


I’d meet him the night before. I’d had a night of bar hoping in Soho. I’d not got there early, that’s too desperate, and I’d meet him in Who’s Who (The new bar off Berwick Street). From there we’d gone onto three other bars, I didn’t remember which ones because I was more interested in him. Sometime before midnight we’d come back here in a taxi, I didn’t live far from Soho so it wasn’t bad. Once back here he was all over me, as soon as I had the front door shut he was kissing me and groping me and such. We only just got into my bedroom before we had each other’s clothes off.


The sex wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. He kissed me during sex and when I sucked his cock he sucked mine back – I don’t do anymore then that. He did stay the night and I was glad of that. I hate it when a guy pisses off as soon as we’ve had sex, when he’s off in the middle of the night and I’m stuck on my own. At least he stayed and slept with me. Now it gave me a chance to talk with this morning.


Shawn, his name was Shawn; it finally came back to me.


I just lay there and looked at him as he slept, I know it was a bit creepy but he was still attractive even asleep. Someone as attractive as him had wanted me and I couldn’t let him just go, I had to see him again.


He let out a sort of groan in his sleep and the next moment he was wake, looking at me with bright green eyes.


“God… Oh sorry, morning,” he said as he wake-up with a start the way I did.


“Hi Shawn,” I said.


“Yeah, right,” he said as he pushed himself up in bed. “It’s Chris, isn’t it?”


“Yeah, it is. Do you want some breakfast?” I said as I sat up.


I glanced over at his chest. His nipples were large, a bit too large for his chest, and around them was a thin coating of red hairs. These ran out just below his pecs and didn’t cover his stomach, but that meant I could see his flat stomach, that was actually creased with muscles. He had the kind of chest and stomach you wanted to kiss down, which I’d already done but now I wanted to do again.


“No, I got to go now,” he said.


“But its Saturday morning, stay for a bit,” I said.


“I’ve got to work today, I’ve got to get ready,” Shawn said. Then he got out of bed and walked, naked, across my bedroom to were his clothes were. “Did you see where my briefs got to?” He asked as he bent over his clothes.


“Aren’t they there with your jeans?” I said.


As he searched for his underwear I just sat there and watched him. I had a full view of his bum, and it was a very nice one. They were round and just sat there, perk and ready, and when he bent forward they actually parted, a hint of red hairs between them. I hadn’t noticed them the night before but now I did.


“Just stay for a bit, I can get us some breakfast,” I said.


“I’ve got to go,” he said, not looking back at me.


Then he pulled on his underwear, covering his great bum. He quickly got dressed in silence, with his back still to me, and I just sat there and watched.


When he was fully dressed he turned back to me.


“You’re okay, your stomach needs some work on it, but you’re too fucking needy for me. I don’t do that… I’ll let myself out,” he said, and then he was gone, out of my bedroom door. A moment later I heard the flat’s front door slam shut. He hadn’t even touched me before he left.


I fell back onto my bed, I wouldn’t get up now for hours, as disappointment again took me over. I hated this when it happened, when I tried to connect with a guy and only got brushed off. What had I done wrong? Shawn and I had sex but he couldn’t wait to get away from me. I hated it.




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