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“My Boyfriend’s Due Back…”

“Look, my boyfriend’s due back at the end of the week. So I can’t see you again,” Sean said.


Tommy had been lying there and admiring Sean’s naked body. He did so love Sean’s naked body, Sean’s sculpted chest with the right amount of hair covering it, Sean’s flat stomach leading down to the thick patch of pubic hair above his perfectly proportioned cock and balls. God he loved sex with Sean. Sean was both passionate and yet took his time; with him there no rush to orgasm, it was a leisurely and erotic journey. They’d spent most of that evening in bed, with Sean’s measured sexual technique. Now they were lying, naked, together in Sean’s double bed.


“What?” Tommy’s mind leapt forward with confusion. Boyfriend, coming back? He’d not heard of this before. Sean already had a boyfriend?


“Yes,” Sean replied. “Bruno, my proper boyfriend, is due home on Friday so I won’t be seeing you again after tonight.”


“What, you have a boyfriend?” Tommy asked, Sean’s words only starting to register with him.


“Yes. Bruno’s a doctor on a North Sea oil rig. He works six weeks on and six weeks off. When he’s away I have my little affairs, like you and I, but when he’s back I’m faithful. There’s no need for Bruno to know about my little affairs, so I don’t tell him, so I can’t see you again.”


“Your boyfriend’s away for six weeks at a time,” Tommy said. “You picked me up the week your boyfriend left.”


“Yes, well, he’s back on Friday so I need you out now.”


“We had sex and now you dump me,” Tommy found himself almost snapping at Sean.


“Now I need you gone. Please get dressed and let yourself out,” Sean replied, then rolled away from him and got out of bed. Tommy got one last and fleeting view of Sean’s fine buttocks. Then they were gone as Sean walked out of view.


Feeling both let-down and angry Tommy had sat up on the side of the bed. He’d been seeing Sean for just over five weeks and though everything seemed to revolve around sex Tommy had had hopes for more. He’d hoped that their relationship would have grown into more. Now those hopes were smashed and he’d been no more then “a bit of fun” to a guy who already had a lover.


The worst part was that Sean had lied to him. Sean had said nothing about his lover, Sean had lead him to believe that he was single and had made no mention of that their relationship wouldn’t last past six weeks. This realisation fuelled his anger and pushed it up until it was all he was feeling.


“Fucking, fucking Sean!” he hissed to himself.


Then the idea came to him, just popped into his mind like a light bulb turning on. He would leave Sean’s boyfriend a present, a real present for his enjoyment. Instead of pulling on his briefs, he bundled them up and put them in the bottom draw of the bedside cabinet that now obviously belonged to Sean’s boyfriend.


Then he quickly pulled on the rest of his clothes (it felt strange going without underwear, a bit insecure but also rather exciting) and left Sean’s flat. All there was between Sean’s bedroom and the front door was a short stretch of hallway, and in the few moments it took him to leave he didn’t see any sigh of Sean.


Over the following days Tommy found he just couldn’t stop thinking about Sean. His mind kept returning to Sean, how Sean had treated him, how Sean had used him, and each time he felt that hot stab of anger. He’d had hopes for their relationship but all along Sean had been lying to him. He hoped Sean’s boyfriend found those briefs and made Sean unhappy, as unhappy as Sean had made him.


Ten days after Sean had dumped him, a Saturday night, Tommy found his libido had finally become stronger then his self-pity. He wanted company, even if it was only a one-night-stand, he was feeling so horny.


So, after preening himself and pulling on his favourite clubbing clothes, Tommy took himself off to Soho for the night. He intended to end his evening in one of three clubs (anyone of them he knew he stood a very good chance of not going home alone) but began his evening by bar-hopping around his favourite pubs along Old Compton Street. This way he’d have a good few drinks inside himself and be feeling relaxed and confident when he reached his final club. He would be in the right mood to cruise for some company.


He had only reached his second bar, The Admiral Duncan pub, and barely started to sip from his first drink there, when a sharp voice shouted his name:


“Tommy! It’s fucking Tommy!”


With a jolt of surprise he looked around himself, his eyes scanning around the other faces at the bar, but he only managed it for the brief of moments.


Out of the pub’s crowd, with a face twisted up in anger, Sean came storming towards him.


“I want a fucking word with you!” Sean screamed at him, when Sean had stopped right in front of him.


“Yeah, well I don’t want to see you again. Ever,” he snarled back.


“You bastard!” Sean spat into his face. “You destroyed my relationship with Bruno. He found your shitty knickers in his bedside cupboard. He went off the fucking deep-end. He’s gone and thrown me out of our flat, his flat. You’ve fucked up my whole life, you stupid jealous little queen!”


“You lied to me,” Tommy replied. “You told me you’re single, let me think we could be something, when you had a boyfriend tucked away on an oil rig. You’re the fucking liar!”


“You were just a bit of fun, nothing more, but a stupid little queer like you can’t see that. You’re fucking selfishness has cost me my relationship of five years, five fucking years. I should break your fucking neck!”


“Look girls, turn it down or take it outside. This ain’t Footballers’ Wives,” the muscular barman said, leaning over the bar and interrupting them.


“Well this little fucker isn’t worth it,” Sean snarled back at the barman and stomped away, rapidly disappearing into the pub’s crowd.


“God what did you do to her?” The barman asked. “Piss on her cooking or something?”


“Yeah, something like that,” Tommy replied.


He’d only intended to make Sean’s life difficult, no more. He’d wanted Sean’s boyfriend to find his briefs and then give Sean hell over them, nothing more. He hadn’t wanted to rip apart Sean’s relationship, he wanted to make Sean unhappy that was all.


God, this was all such a mess and he felt awful about it. When he’d left his briefs behind he’d never intend this. His little act of revenge had only left ashes in his mouth. It hadn’t made him feel better, hadn’t eased his hurt; only made him feel worse. The reality of his what he’d done had been so different to what he’d imagined them to be, it was rapidly dragging him down.


“You all right love?” the barman asked him.


“Yeah… something like that… yeah…” Tommy replied, and then he pushed himself away from the bar and walked out of the pub.


With his emotions weighting heavy on him, he walked off down Old Compton Street and then headed towards Leicester Square tube station, the beginning of his journey home. There was no point in continuing his evening, no point in looking for some company, no point…


Drew Payne

August 2007.