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Upper Class Young Woman:

I saw Ann Hathaway on one of those posters for that Les Miserables film. She was like all pale and thin, her skin was all white and flawless. OMG, she looked amazing. And I was like, OMG I’d so kill for that pale and flawless complexion, and British Vogue agrees with me. They were all tweeting about how flawless she looked too.

Takes me like an age to find out how she looks so good. She’s supposed to have TB. I’m like, I need some of that TB now! So I went to my doctor and told him that I needed to have TB and I needed to have it now. But the pleb won’t help me. As I told him, what girl in her right mind won’t put up with a hacking cough, night sweats and coughing up blood to look that thin and pale.

Seems like TB is on the rise, but only in poor people. God, the poor have all the lucky.


Drew Payne

October 2012.


In the film Les Miserables, Ann Hathaway plays a prostitute dying from TB. When pictures of her, on set, were released British Vogue saw them and they praised her look, saying how “pale” and “wonderful” she looked. I couldn’t believe this, as if dying from TB can be a “good” look for anyone. That’s where this sketch came from.