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The End of The Affair

Nick: † †††††††††††† We were the perfect couple, I was the ying to his yang. We were so in sync we could finish each otherís jokes. We came from the same background, we had the same taste in ties, and we could put together any piece of Ikea flat-pack.

†††††††††††† Then he met that bloody American, who swept him off his feet. I couldnít compete with all his American charm, his power and wealth, and that bloody fast car with all its gadgets.

†††††††††††† Itís so bloody unfair and no one thinks about me. Everyoneís going on about how well they get on and how essential their relationship is!

†††††††††††† I wish David had never met that Barack Obama! Now Iím left out in the cold.

†††††††††††† Oh well, back to being Leader of the Lib-Dems, where no one loves me.


Drew Payne

May 2011.


This is about a political visit during the summer of 2011, but read to the end for the punch line.